Monday, March 6, 2017

Stand with Standing Rock

Stand with Standing Rock!
March on Washington
Friday, March 10 

"Those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion is. "
-- Mahatma Gandhi

These are, to say the least, dangerous times. 

With Trumposaurus Rex and his Alligators now occupying the DC swamp and proceeding full speed ahead to drain it -- into their own pockets, apparently -- the myriad strands of our precious web of life on this planet are at risk  -- including the gossamer thread of our democratic government. 

Other than throw more money at our already bloated Military, ICE, and an increasingly militarized domestic police force (see footage below), these pirates and "free market" privateers are acting swiftly to scuttle our ship of state and replace it with a homegrown branch of the Russian Oligarchy.  (With this Administration,  It seems like our Billionaires and their Billionaires are in cahoots already, no?)

It is no surprise that one of the first things that Trumposaurus Rex did once he stomped into the Oval Office was to reverse the Obama administration's directives regarding Standing Rock.  

After all, the American Empire, with it's own virulent blend of Unbridled Greed (aka "free market" capitalism) and Fundamentalist Christianity, was largely built on the genocide of Native Americans, the enslavement of Africans, and the exploitation of natural resources for private gain.

The Dakota Access Pipeline is just another chapter in a long and tragic tale.  The fossil fuel industry, world-wide, continues to despoil the planet and its people. 

It's clear that these folks don't acknowledge our Spiritual Connection to one another and to all beings.  We are not seen as strands in the Web of Life, inextricably bound together in the Oneness of Life.  Their world consists of commodities and consumers.  Water isn't viewed as Sacred.  It's a thing to be consumed.  In fact, like fossil fuels, if these privateers get their way it, too, will soon become another commodity to be sold.  (That is,  unless they pollute it all first, or bring on a nuclear war, or climate change changes everything. )

Yes, these are dangerous times.

Scared? It's time to turn it around and get SacredTake a stand.  You can find out more about the DC action at   
There are many local rallies and marches being held in solidarity as well.  Most these events are being well publicized on social media. Here in Greenfield MA there will be a rally on the Town Commons on Saturday, March 11, Noon - 1:30 PM.  More at: Standing with Standing Rock

The Last Stand of Oceti Sakowin Camp

Warning:  Disturbing Footage

Although the Water Protectors of Oceti Sakowin who had remained through the intensity of a North Dakota winter had tried to negotiate with the Army Corps of Engineers to evacuate in a dignified and environmentally sound manner, they were rebuffed.   

It was extremely disturbing to see that those who remained in peaceful civil disobedience were accosted with armored vehicles and law enforcement officers in military gear with assault rifles drawn. 

I'm amazed by, and grateful for.  their courage and that of the brave souls of Unicorn Riot for this footage.

My Humble Take on the Real Deal

I believe that the movement for peace, economic democracy and social justice is a Spiritual Quest. No mean feat, what is called for is a True Revolution of the Heart and Mind--and it starts with each of us.

This revolution has to be Peaceful. The Hippies (and Jesus and Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. King, et al) had it right. It really is all about Peace and Love. Besides being a total drag, violence just doesn't work. It keeps our wheels spinning in fear, anger and pain. Who needs that?

Besides some hard work, I think the Revolution also calls for dancing, plenty of laughter, and some sitting around just doing nothing. (Some folks call it meditation.)

As Stephen Gaskin, proclaimed years ago:

"We're out to raise Hell--in the Bodhisattvic* sense."

Doesn't that sound like some serious fun?

(*The Bodhisattva Vow is a set of commitments made in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. It basically says I vow to get my act together and figure it out well enough to really help out--and I ain't gonna stop until everybody is covered.

I've found that doesn't necessarily have to happen in that order. It's best to try to help out even before you have it all together! Like right now.)

-----Brother Lefty Smith, Founding S.O.B*